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Faults and Technical chat for the Volkswagen ID.4
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Post by Burnsy » Mon Jan 03, 2022 9:20 pm

This was posted today in the ID. Drivers Club on Facebook:

Dear ID. Drivers,

In the past few weeks, we have received many similar questions on essential topics. In the following, we have summarized the most important information according to the current status and hope that it will answer most of your questions. Further questions on these or other topics are welcome, and we will continue to make every effort to provide you with answers as quickly as possible. We ask for your understanding that we will not be able to provide more precise information on specific dates until later.

Enhancements to the We Connect ID. App
We are continuously working on improving and enhancing the app. Some new functions have already been added, most recently, for example, the preconditioning timer and the possibility of activating charging stations via the app. From the beginning of next year (2022), the app will receive additional functions that are also strongly based on your feedback (e.g. Car Finder).

Updatability of already produced vehicles from the ID. Family
Of course, we are also constantly optimizing the hardware of the ID.s - but in less finely timed steps than the software (usually with new model years or major product upgrades). It is our goal to design software updates during the year in such a way that existing ID. vehicles benefit from software improvements for as long as possible. This is possible because not all updates dig deep into the operating system or depend on new hardware.

Increasing the charging capacity via Over-the-Air (OTA) update
At the moment, the control units (ECU = electronic control unit) responsible for this are not yet updateable over-the-air. However, we are currently preparing a service campaign to which your Volkswagen partner will invite you and from which you will benefit in several ways:
You will receive a new, technologically updated 12 V battery - the actual reason for the service campaign.
At the same time, further ECUs will be made OTA updateable.
Improvements in winter performance and improvements in the experience of future OTA updates.
Please note that the prerequisite for the installation of these is ID.Software2.3.

Retrofittability of hardware (for subsequent activation of additional functions)
There are very strong technical dependencies between the vehicle components. Therefore, a partial hardware exchange does not usually lead to a securely functioning system. Of course, we will look at the possibility of subsequent hardware installation individually for each hardware update.

Errors in the use of the function - "Preferred charging times"
Various measures are currently being prepared for this and will be part of one of the upcoming update campaigns.

Range optimization at low outside temperatures
With the upcoming ID. Software update, we are introducing improvements through optimized thermal management. This reduces consumption and thus increases the range by adjusting the activation threshold of the battery heating, especially in short-haul operation. At the same time, the charging performance in winter is improved by adjusting the heating threshold for DC charging.

In a further step, the preconditioning of the high-voltage battery during AC charging is also improved. The maximum charging power will also be increased. The optimization of the heating curves for the interior in the new climate software also contributes to increasing efficiency on short journeys in winter.

As you can see, many of the improvements are based on your feedback and ideas!

Thank you very much and best regards,
Your Volkswagen ID. Team

Just seen this looks like any D.4 that came with 2.3 software installed has different battery management and does not heat the battery when the temp is below 8 oC. People that had cars that did an update to 2.3 over the OTA will need to have a recall at sometime to upgrade the battery management system to allow for OTA updates so that they achieve better efficiency in the winter months but could be looking late in the first quarter of 2022, but wouldn’t hold my breath. At the moment mine is a 1st edition and get them same as the other drivers at around 230 for 100% as we do a lot of short duration trips.

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Post by Bedford EV » Tue Jan 04, 2022 9:32 am

Thanks for posting that. Hoping to take delivery of our car in February 2022, so keen to see if these improvements are already installed on latest vehicles. I’ll post again then with an update.🤞
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Post by carolinej62 » Tue Feb 22, 2022 5:59 pm

I have 1st Edition ID4 delivered ‘
March 21 - great to start with - 315/320 miles but now it only charges to 170 miles at 80% - apparently a software issues which needs an update. Took it back in December- checked it out - advised waiting for update in NY - waited until this morning and enquired again - sending a screen shot of charge at 80% - asked me to bring car in again. Has any one else had such a drastic reduction

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Post by MrT » Thu Feb 24, 2022 8:31 am

Exactly the same issue on an ID4 FA delivered in March 21. I’ve now increased my charge limit to 90% which gives approx 200 miles.
Not contacted my dealership atm.

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Post by exwayf » Fri Feb 25, 2022 5:27 pm

My current range is about 210 miles at 80%, but if I turn on Air Con, we tend to just use heated seats, that will drop to 180.

'The range is calculated and updated depending on the driving style and ambient conditions' according to the VW manual.

So I expect my range to improve as Spring approaches.
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