Abnormal tyre wear

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Post by Giles »

I have had to replace both rear tyres on my Id.4 1st edition due to wear on the inner shoulder before 14k miles. I’ve had the alignment checked which was perfect.

The garage blamed under inflation but have run them harder (42 psi) recently and believe the same is happening.

I don’t drive it hard, not least as I usually have our dog in the boot.

Has anyone else feel they have seen what I feel is abnormal wear?

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Post by Steve »

Not that I’ve noticed but I was surprised to find that the tyres they fit to evs aren’t the 8mm you get with most cars but just 6mm. That said, it doesn’t explain uneven wear.
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Post by Salimo »

It happen the same on my id4 first edition



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Post by r1nse »

same here - VW said there is nothing wrong with it...
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Post by trible.st »

Driven for 5.5 months, 11.500Km (2/3 on highway) and the bridgestones (rear) were totally flatten on the inside.
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Post by Burnsy »

So managed to get 18,000 out of the Bridgestones, but even though i had 3mm left the wear on the insides was like the picture. The tyre people checked the alignment and no issues. I believe the weight of the car and the less tread depth causes this issues. Have now changed to the all season Pirelli scorpion elect that come with 8mm not 6mm like the Bridgestones. They also have a higher load rating than the Bridgestones. Will see what happens over the years to come.
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Post by davidf27 »

I had similar at around 18,000 miles - but only on the rear tyres, chord was exposed on the inside, however fine on the outside.
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John McKenzie
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Post by John McKenzie »

I have had the same issue after around 18K miles. Advice from the people who supplied the replacement tyres was to have harder wearing tyres fitted.I now have Hankook 235 5OR20 s but they do not look to be faring any better.
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Post by Jdnewspix »

So after 15 months of ownership and 31k on the clock I am on my third set of tires. I don’t drive it super hard, but do enjoy a spirited run on a curvy road from time to time. That being said, the insides of the rears (factory Bridgestone Alenzas) were down to the cords at 15k with plenty of tread left on the outside. The fronts still had tread left, but were chipping something terrible. I put on Blizzaks for winter. Same story with the rears, except the fronts have shown almost no wear. Hooray, I can get another season out of the fronts!

The vehicle has been aligned 3 times. All three times the dealer says it is in perfect alignment. I keep complaining to the dealer. This time they said there is nothing they can do because the alignment reads true and I should file a complaint with VW customer care. The dealer sees the problem continue to happen on my vehicle but is not allowed to dive deeper into and get reimbursed for their time even though it is under warranty. They have finally noted the problem in my service record and told me that once the problem has been noted that VW will cover the repair even if it is out of warranty. I find this hard to believe and am expecting a knock down drag out fight when this set of rear tires gets torched in a few months and I am out of warranty. Is anyone else hearing this from their dealer?

Also, apparently there is a massive shortage of front tires that fit the 20” wheels here in the US. Basically everything is out of stock for at least 8 weeks. I needed tires now, so ended up getting a new set of 19” wheels and put on the Michelins Defenders for the 3rd set. I am not stupid enough to think that a new brand of tire will change how the vehicle torches tires, but it rides much smoother on 19” wheels than the 20”. Cornering is maybe not as great, but I am not railing it around corners all day. Road noise is quieter and handling is a little quicker.
Time will tell.
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Post by R77HCK »

So, I've had my 2022 ID4 life in the garage today for a recall. They had it up on the ramp and told me the two rears are down to 2mm after only 9k miles. Now, I don't drive it particularly aggressively or very far from working from home in the UK with one school run to do every day. The fronts were down to 3mm. Does this sound right?
I thought that the fronts would wear down first.
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