Abnormal tyre wear

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Max oldfield
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I also had uneven wear on the front tyres so twelve thousand miles and had to replace them

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This problem also affects the Enyaq,. I can't remember what the route cause is but it's to do with the original suspension tolerance being wrong so when checked against the factory settings it shows all as good there is a revised setting for this
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After the BS, I installed Continental (PC6 - 107T) at 12000 (Jul 2023). Now at 30 000km they will soon need to be replaced (Again)
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Post by louisecarolita »

Am a pretty average driver and brought my 2022 ID.4 in for recall/service at 8K miles where I was advised one front, one rear tire needs replacing (front are 5mm and 4mm, and rear are 3mm and 5mm) and that the pair would cost +$700 USD. Extremely poor customer service from advisor at VW dealership on top of it all. Is all this typical??
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Seems a bit short. My tyres were down to 2mm at about 17,000 miles, front and back.
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