Notice anything different post 3.2?

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Post by AndyF »

Apart from the obvious differences in the menus and the drivers console, has anyone noticed any differences to the ID4 experiences?
Perceived or real I don’t know but regen seems stronger than before to me. Also, the lane assistance seems to have reverted to how it was before the 3.0 update and is more noticeable. Do you agree? Have you noticed anything else?
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Post by davidf27 »

I haven't noticed anything particularly, efficiency seems similar to 2.1 back in the day. Winter efficiency has been better since 3.0.
Only the satnav with charging stops and journey planning has improved.
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Interesting, but actually we flip between cars - with different software version, and don’t really notice anything other than the ‘user’ login on 3.2 each time. That might say more about our hop in and drive (typically around town) routine than technology.

Biggest benefit: preferred time charging.
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Post by Scottyboy »

I did notice the lane assist seemed to be more ‘aggressive’ to a point I’ve turned it off..
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Clarity at last on the headlight settings so they can be properly changed for driving in the UK or abroad.
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