Fault ( Charging socket is not working)

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Post by Aziz »

I faced an issue with my ID4 showing me a message ( Charging Socket not Working) and that cause DC charging not working, currently only AC charging working.

I have connected the car to OBD and it mentioned this issue related to :
Charge socket A temperature sensor DC plus, electrical error
(temperature_temp.sensor_DC1_circuit _open)

Anyone faced same issue and how was the solution?



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Post by Vander »

Almost certainly a visit to the dealer - hopefully under warranty.

The charging socket has temperature sensors built in (I believe one for AC and 2 for DC) to protect against overheating, for example in the event of poor electrical contact.

It sounds like one of yours has failed. If you're lucky it might just be a plug that's worked loose at the back of the charge port and an easy fix. Or maybe the sensor can be replaced rather than the whole charge port....?

Whether or not your car's in warranty, I would take it to a VW dealer. You wouldn't want the AC sensor to fail any time soon!
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