ID4 positives

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ID4 positives

Post by Redfoot » Sat May 08, 2021 8:01 am

I watched so many YouTube reviews and they are carried out by folk who have very little time time with the car and highlight frustrations they have with small things. The reality is you need some time to settle in to car. I went for the ID4 as our family car and these comments are based on that;

Calm, quiet and stress free. We talk more as a family as the little voices from the back are easier to hear.
My motorway driving style has changed, in my S4 I was always in a rush. Sat in the outside lane at 80. In the ID4 i just set the automatic cruise to 70 and just waft along. I had ACC in a 2017 golf and it has improved massively. It no longer lets you undertake on the motorway at high speeds but will in slower moving traffic jams. Having confidence in that and lane assist really calms the driving experience.

The power is good , I haven’t felt underpowered once, it is happy overtaking and nippy at junctions/traffic lights. Driving electric is just different, I notice it most on hills. Petrol engines need to kick down and the electric motor just effortlessly tackles the hills.

The ride is really comfortable most of the time. It doesn’t like really bumpy roads but it never crashes and bangs it is just a little willowy but after sports suspension in previous cars I find it really comfortable.

The tech is much better than YouTube would suggest, maybe I have a newer software but I haven’t had a problem. No crashing or glitching. Having had the car a few weeks now I find it really intuitive and only ever really swap between radio, vehicle data and car play. All of which works really well. Wireless apple car plays brilliant and with no delay.

The space inside is massive. I am 6’3 and sit in the back with young daughter when my wife drives with my son upfront. Another example of improvements in family time together. I have never chosen to sit in the back before. The boot is massive too. I do think car manufacturers should consider the ability to split the boot easily for dog owners.

Charging at home has been effortless, so easy and I haven’t missed the regular trips to the petrol station caused by the thirsty S4.

The app is underwhelming. It gives charging info, battery and allows you to set times to warm the cabin for Departure. It isn’t whizzy and slightly let’s down the tech experience. The key and the app are basically the first user interface and more time should have been spent on them.

Yesterday I was out with work and had charged the car to 100%, I did 70 miles and the car was saying I had 210 miles of range left. That is plenty for me!

In conclusion it makes for a wonderful family car and I can’t recommend it enough,

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Re: ID4 positives

Post by Salmonfisher » Sat May 08, 2021 2:49 pm

Thanks for this. It is first hand views like this that I am after. I have been surprised and a bit put off by negative reviews on You Tube from reviewers I trust. Their main gripe seem s to be its a bit boring. They agree its large and comfortable and does everything OK but they feel there are better EVs. What I would love to hear is from someone with an ID4 who has come from a top EV ideally a Tesla model 3 on how they find it.
I am looking for an AWD SUV EV in next 12 months and short list is ID4 9when they rerelease an AWD), AudiQ4, Skoda Enyaq, Kia EV6 or Tesla model Y when it comes out. I know its too early yet but I'd love to hear from a real world person who has driven more than one of them.

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Re: ID4 positives

Post by mrbrown » Mon May 10, 2021 3:01 pm

As above, thanks for your post. Mine arrives next week so it's nice to hear a positive review.

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Re: ID4 positives

Post by AndyWAFU » Wed May 12, 2021 8:16 pm

Thanks for the review.

Been toying with the move to electric for some time and having test driven a 1st Edition in April it seems to tick all the boxes, still a little concerned with range as on occasion can do 450 mile trips for business purposes! Same opinion with the motorway driving I tend to set the cruise to 80 and sit at that for hours but during the test drive it didn't seem necessary, it was quite happy at 70! Also read and viewed many reviews and as with most journalist their car reviews seemed to focus on the limitations rather than the good aspects. Held off until the new variants were available to order and have gone for the Max which is due to arrive in August.
Big move from a petrol guzzling VW Arteon straight into a full electric but hey that's the way its going.

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Re: ID4 positives

Post by MrMe » Fri May 14, 2021 8:04 am

Hi, just waiting for my 1st Edition to arrive but have a question about lane keep assist. I'm coming from an XC90 with Autopilot which did a very good job of lane keeping. I was unable to test drive a VW with the lane assist so the question I have please, is the LKA basically semi autonomous or does it just wait for you to cross the white lines and then correct itself with a beep. Obviously if it's the later then not a very relaxing experience on long journeys.

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Re: ID4 positives

Post by MrT » Fri May 14, 2021 1:18 pm

Hi, the lane assist only corrects itself if you cross the line. It’s not like the system that was installed on my recent TT whereby it followed the road markings and turned itself.

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Re: ID4 positives

Post by MrT » Fri May 14, 2021 1:41 pm

I too was disappointed with the lack of several features including the QI cordless charging.
The vehicle has the ‘cubbyhole’ but not the charging device which on the UK version is blanked off by a removable panel.
I have however managed to install QI charging using a charging pad and cable from Amazon.
Please see attached photo of the installed pad which is held in place by blutack and also details of the products used.
This allows charging and wireless Appleplay 👍




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Re: ID4 positives

Post by tigga » Wed May 26, 2021 10:52 pm

OK so I came from a mitsubishi outlander PHEV... a little experience with plugin ev.
The outlander was an ok workhorse... I averaged around 70mpg... because most local drives were electric, and learned to adjust driving style to maximise the electric.

The id4 is a different league...
So my friend has a diesel Toureg.. its big and powerful and looks great.
The id4 is smaller, the boot definetly smaller but the cabin feels similar size. Its just very comfortable!

As a car it drives excellently... holds the road well, has enough poke in her for such a big car... accellerates when at speed, so handles overtaking.
Just enough gadgets to help, but not overwhelm you.

Now ACC is good, but I had a debate with someone about the fact they wanted the traffic assist (as opposed to lane assist) to drive the car for them and keep the car in lane... they expected it to be more a level 4 automation and didnt realise we are at level 2ish! so dont expect a tesla autopilot style of support (and that isnt level 4 either - which is why people keep crashing when using it!)

The car is comfortable, has adequate range for me... the half dozen journeys per year where I need more range, just require some extra planning!

There are niggles like the youtubers comment on but in the scheme of things a 2 hour drive, that's what you notice; cosmetic stuff! My first week i drove it for an hour each night to learn about different features, so things were more natural when I drive it now. As you get familiar with the car, it makes sense how it is designed to make ICE drivers feel less overwhelmed by moving to an EV. (ie no one peddel braking)

The reality is, yes Qi charger, lack of variable height boot floor, lack of traffic assist, lack of HUD, lack of panoramic roof, etc, are all little niggles, but not show stoppers. The car is a nice, safe, predictable, family SUV.

(and it is very very quiet inside!)

MIght I have liked the skoda better (maybe), would the ipace have been awesome to own (yes but at what cost), might the mustang have been a more fun choice (if I was without kids maybe) but the reality is I like the car I chose... the ID4 and I have no regrets.

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Re: ID4 positives

Post by CoxJul » Sat Jun 05, 2021 7:31 am

Good post! It's easy to whinge about details, and if you look hard enough you can always find something.

I ordered mine unseen, yet alone un-driven (still only seen one other ID.4 so far), and I'm mostly happy with my choice.

It's comfortable (I'm way over 6ft) and quick enough in everyday use.
Got stuck in slow moving, stop-go traffic on the M25... ACC was a dream!
My wife actually prefers it in the back seat (just reworded that before posting).

With my previous car I got used to keyless entry and having the car lock as you walked away... Locking's a habit I need to get back into! Keyless would have been nice. Waiting for infotainment to improve with OTA updates. Only minor irritations really.

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