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Post by Adave1 »

Hi , going to be ordering a company car ID4 55 Kwh 170 PS life edition Blue

Am a virgin when it comes to can I please get some advice on what's the best electric charger to get at home....Best deals/tariff etc...

Any public places where charging is at decent rates....

Sorry for the questions and many thanks in advance

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Post by 1290Superduke »

I have a ohme epod. Very easy to use with my wife's id3. Easy to link car to app and limit charging prices, time etc. You can also limit the charging current if you have solar panels.

I have found Octopus to be the best for me. 2330hrs - 0530hrs cheap rate charging at 7.5p per kWh. Bonus is you can run dishwasher, tumble dryer etc during this time and charge your solar battery too if you have one. I also find their app is very good for monitoring usage.

Use this link to sign up to Octopus -

Use this code and you'll get a £50 welcome credit (so will I) if you join octopus.

Best of luck
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Post by Qman »

Hi Dave, don't know if anyone's already messaged you or you've found the answers you need.

From what I can tell, home chargers are all much of a muchness (ranging from £650 - over £1000) see what's included with it, my wiring was upgraded to cope with the added load (older homes take note) I use Wallbox, I'm sure some other suggestions may be forthcoming

I've found Octopus energy are quite good for EV users. If you sign up to "Intelligent Octopus GO" you'll get your electricity at a reduced rate over night, USwitch couldn't find me a better deal (So still holding up well)

The regular unit rate is £0.3141 per kWh, but between 23:30 - 05:30 the rate drops to £0.075 per kWh (less than a quarter) if you set up their "Plug and Go" service, the system can communicate with your car to only charge when electricity is cheapest. It also gives access to Octopus electroverse, a partnership with more than a hundred "charging network operators", some of which give 5% off their stated rate to octopus customers :D

If you're thinking of taking the plunge, you can use my sharecode, it gives us £50 credit. What's not to love.

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