148PS 52kWh Acceleration and Overtaking power?

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Post by jwpalfrey » Tue Nov 23, 2021 3:21 pm

Hi all,

I'm after some owner feedback, I'm looking at an entry level ID4 (52kWh Life 148PS) mainly as it's just in my budget and it has a great standard spec, I like the grey paint on offer at no cost and the grey/brown interior really appeals.

Anyway I'd love to test drive one, but they way things are I'm struggling to first off get in to one for any time, secondly actually get in the one I'd buy (entry version).

So I thought I'd ask some owners.

My main concern is 148PS will feel slow, and IIRC it's got 220Nm of torque. Given the car weighs nearly 2 tonnes I worry it will feel slow on acceleration and mid range (overtaking). I've been very fortunate to have driven an I-Pace with 400PS and 700Nm, so not remotely in the same league, however I will add with a battery twice the size and AWD @ around 200Kg more what are VW making the ID4 out of? Lead? anyway I may be reading incorrect figures on the net.

But I know EV's are so much better than ICE in terms of responce and I currently drive a 2010 Passat CC TDi 170. It's torquey and punchy but a noisey oil burner with dreadful turbo lag and just outdated compared to an EV.

It is however good performance which I've grown to like, so my question to ID4 owners is:

How does a 148PS version feel in 0-60 and mid range? Given an EV will give all it's torque up all of the time (no ICE turbo lag or cold mechanicals etc) does the 148PS actually go well?

How does it do on the open road? 60-80 maybe for overtaking?

I'm hoping due to the way EV's perform so differently and will give all torque at any speed it will feel quicker than numbers suggest. As I say my ICE Passat CC will do 0-60 in 8s or so, but not from cold, and 1st gear is torque limited and it's a manual so I need to slip clutch and be fast on gear changes, etc etc, likewise it has good torque, but only above 2krpm and it needs to be warmed up and it's far from instant due to all the emission controls, all of which actually removes "usability".

Most of this can be answered with a good test drive, but at the moment dealers want deposits before you can be loaned a car for any period of time, so I'd appreciate any feedback and preferably someone with the 148PS version, I'm not interested in the 170 or 200.

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Post by Dowson86 » Tue Nov 23, 2021 10:17 pm

I have the 52kw 148ps and also a remapped 2.0tdi Leon and must say the Leon is more of a thrilling drive which it always will but it is a manual but the ID4 still isn’t slow, it obviously isn’t that quick to 60 but initial pickup and response is better. In terms of overtaking etc. you sort of know your limit with it and don’t probably be more risky if you know what I mean.

I don’t drive fast but doing 70-80 has an impact on range, overall I’m happy with my choice of battery but if I could have got the 77kw through work (fleet car) I would have preferred that.
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Post by mrmfirc » Wed Nov 24, 2021 10:22 am

We've had ours for about 2 months/2k miles and have done a mix of long and short journeys covering motorways and A/B roads. It's a big (ish) family car but you rarely find it lacking in power and when you do, as Dowson86 says, you just adapt and plan ahead.

Even with this smaller motor, the initial acceleration is delivered in such a way that it'll still surprise most people and much faster cars.

We've had more powerful cars in the past but we've not been disappointed so far.
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Post by jwpalfrey » Wed Nov 24, 2021 2:46 pm

Thanks for your replies. It's good to hear the actual drive feels better (as I thought it might) than paper suggests. Which put's it back in the running I think.

I don't drive fast at the moment, cruise control on at 65 for best MPG vs speed (as I have a 68 mile commute twice a week) and I've maintained a long term average of 58mpg which you don't get for driving above motorway speeds all the time.

I also really want a RWD car if I go electric, I've had FWD daily driver cars all my life and as an engineer RWD and electric makes so much sense (other than re-gen limits on the rear axle). It is the correct axle for power delivery and the opportunities electric give mean it now doesn't impact interior space as much and (shouldn't) cost more to engineer.

Hence leaning towards an ID4, as I say I happen to like the standard life spec, it has everything I'd spec, which is another great reason, with perhaps the addition of some alloy wheels.

A bigger battery would be nice, but with the GOVT grant it's a fair jump to a 77kWh or a 170PS, or even a "family" IIRC that's next trim level up.

I'm not fortunate enough to PCP a new car every 3 years or so, but am looking as a long term (10 year) purchase as I usually buy second hand cars which have depreciated a huge amount and run it for 6-10 years. However EV's may depreciate but so does the battery in terms of range, so you get what you pay for, in essence I'm investing in a new car (and battery) and thus will know how it's been charged and can do my best to avoid fast charging etc that can hurt battery life.. Current market too is going to inflate a second hand purchase, and especially a nearly new EV, which will bring the total costs very close. A 3 yr old Outlander PHEV is in excess of 20k (as a PHEV example), for me the extra 12k for a brand new ID4 is well worth the money, and has reduced running costs, and better prospects in terms of risk (warranty cover) and life.

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