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Post by Burnsy » Sun Jul 25, 2021 7:26 pm

Hi everyone just been testing different driving methods to improve my miles per kw.

I was original using the automatic cruise control and seemed to be getting a good return of around 3.5, but with the hot weather and the need for air conditioning this reduced this to about 3.2.

Having spoken to a service engineer about an issue with the air conditioning not switching off when i stopped, we were discussing driving modes and he mentioned that he uses a coasting method, so that when you get up to the road limit and the road allows, take your foot off the gas and coast along. With the centre of gravity being low in the car and the cars momentum you travel along without needing to keeping your foot on the accelerator. I have been trialling this for a couple of day and with air conditioning on have better returns now hitting 4, and without air con 4.3.

The problem with my air conditioning was that for some reason it is switching on via the app, even though i have not done it. It’s only been doing this after the last software update.

I run my air conditioning on auto and ac but also use the aircare setting.

Still not sure if this is the correct way yet, and achieving the correct temp compared to a petrol car is completely different, either too hot or too cold.

Hope this is useful for some people.

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Post by Burnsy » Sun Jul 25, 2021 7:29 pm

Also i have the 20inch tyres on my car

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Post by NickF22 » Tue Aug 31, 2021 6:35 pm

I'm not sure how the centre of gravity being low, would help with coasting.... it still has the same momentum (and it's still going to be slowed by air resistance and rolling resistance) ?

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Post by CoxJul » Wed Sep 01, 2021 9:57 am

I have found that driving in B mode off motorway and D mode on motorways gives me best returns in both cases, the ability to coast (particularly on downhill stretches) probably helps.

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Post by NickF22 » Wed Sep 01, 2021 11:46 am

I heard that D mode with Eco (?) turned on is good - doesn't that do regenerative braking when it knows there is a bend / Junction / turning coming up?

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Post by VWPilot » Wed Sep 01, 2021 2:59 pm

Looking at the technical data on the iD4, it states that any braking up to 0.25g is done purely using the Electric Motor as a Generator. This equates to about a reduction of 5.5mph/s. Unless you hit a brick wall the maximum stopping 'g' is about 0.75 to 0.80 which is about 17mph/s. So in this maximum stopping you get 0.25g from the motor and 0.55g from the front disc brakes, which is typical of RWD vehicles which have a brake bias of about 2/3rds front, 1/3rd rear. The rear drum brakes I think are only there for the handbrake and I believe should last the life of the car. I drove a demonstrator for about an hour and was told that 'B' would give more braking regeneration 'without touching the brake pedal'. In 'D' the car will coast but if you brake at less than 0.25g then the amount of energy recovered using either method should be the same. I think the 'B' mode is there so you can drive it most of the time using one pedal but I found that it took some concentration not to lift off completely if you only wanted a gentle reduction in speed as I found 'B' a bit too aggressive.

Once I get my car I will do a lot of experimenting and report back.
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Post by Dancer » Tue Sep 07, 2021 9:28 pm

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Post by AndyF » Fri Sep 10, 2021 11:45 am

I generally use B and eco mode, along with light touches to the play pedal when fully lifting slows me more than I want it to. This way I get a variable re-gen rate and of course greater re-gen if I press pause. This way even with A/C on I’ve been returning between 3&4kW/mile.
Works for me.
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Post by brucew » Sat Oct 02, 2021 9:20 am

I have only had my ID4 for a week and I have to say I was confused by the D/B options. I have set drive mode to ECO as I have a 120 round trip commute. Use ACC as much as possible but still seem to reduce range by more than the trip. Any tips would be very welcome.

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Post by exwayf » Sat Oct 02, 2021 5:51 pm

I also use ECO and B most of the time. My experience after 2K miles is that if you turn anything on the mileage reduces. I recently did a 140 mile journey, almost all motorway during the day but it was overcast and raining. I tend to drive at 65 because going up to 70 drains the battery. What I allow for is:
Lights on as running in AUTO mode - lose 10 miles.
Turn on wipers - lose 10 miles
Turn on fan to demist windows - not aircon - lose 10 miles.

So you need to allow for a loss of miles depending on conditions. I got 3.3 Kw per mile for this journey, but around town I usually get 4 kw per mile.

Hope that helps

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