Limited ID4 performance

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Post by johnd » Fri Sep 17, 2021 8:24 am

Prospective ID4 GTX buyer here:

The ID4 seems to have widely criticised for its less than stellar performance, especially in GTX guise (for a premium EV). I'm not suggesting that chasing Tesla-like Ludicrous figures is worthwhile - nobody really needs a 3sec 0-60. But other competitors are hitting 5 sec or below for 0-60,, at least for their sportier versions and in my book that's would you need to start to feel genuinely quick.

So, my question is what prospect there might be of increasing performance from software updates alone? Maybe the motors are not currently running at maximum output throughout the acceleration curve? Can't say I'm optimistic - 300bhp to haul a hefty 2200kg makes a 6 sec 0-60 sound about right - going faster probably needs more power/torque. But I'd still be really interested in any thoughts.

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