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Post by r1nse » Thu Sep 23, 2021 2:24 pm

Hi Guys,

After doing my research, i had Wallbox installed. Looks great, works well on bluetooth (within range) but not on Wifi.

The reviwers say it does and if you connect it to your wifi, it does connect to the wifi but... it doesnt go anywhere. I can see it on my router, wallbox can see it shows as connected to wifi but it does not connect to the internet for communications.

Wallbox says this is a known issue that they are looking into for many customers. so for the moment, i have to be within bluetooth range to use the app. There is no eta for a fix, they have been looking at this since march according to the support person.

Not overly happy but thought i would share this in case anyone else is considering or suffering.
ID.4 Life 52kWh Pure in Manganese Grey

Ordered - 07/06/21
Built - 03/09/21
Arrived Emden - 08/09/21
Arrived Sheerness - 19/09/21
Arrived dealer 23/09/21
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