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Post by Justanotherwilliam » Mon Apr 04, 2022 7:51 am

Hi all - I'm not sure i've got this scheduled charging malarky working correctly. However, i note on many threads on the internet, there is a general consensus that it just doesn't work properly.

Normal charging (i.e. plug and charge immediately to 80%) works absolutely fine - but i'm hoping to get a smart meter installed to take advantage of Octopus Go, so want to try and get this sorted.

First Attempt... Scheduled charging via the EVSE (I have a SyncEV box)

- Set up smart charging to start at 23:30
- Plugged in the car at 23:00
- "keep car awake" charging started immediately delivering 1kwh
- Time hit the 23:30 mark and nothing changed, just carried on at 1kwh instead of 7kwh
- I got impatient and hit "boost" - it jumped to 7kwh for about a minute and then the car suspended charging


Summary : I might try the above again, as i think i had an active location set for charging and it might be a potential clash between the car and the EVSE

Second attempt Scheduled charging via the car

- Plugged in at 23:57 at 35%, set it to "not charge immediately" and set a departure time of 06:00 with expected charge of 80%
- Initial charge stated at 1kwh for a few minutes, then the car suspended charging (seems logical as it just gets itself set up)
- Charging start later in the night, probably around 1am, at 7kwh, great!
- Charging seems to fluctuate throughout the night
- Charging seems to stop around 4am, at 57%
- Check car at 7am and stop charging. Final charge 57%


Summary: Second attempt seemed much better, I'm a bit unsure why so much fluctuation and also why it stopped at 4am at only 57%

As mentioned, normal "plug and play" charging gives me a solid 7kwh until it reacheds 80%, so no problems with the EVSE

Any thoughts / other experiences?

Posts: 11
Joined: Wed Feb 16, 2022 10:22 am

Post by Justanotherwilliam » Tue Apr 05, 2022 11:53 am

Follow up... some success!

I decided to clear any form of scheduled charging from the car (both the location with destination time, and the "preferred charging" windows), and just deliver it via the SyncEV app.

Set smart charging in SyncEV from 20:30 - 05:00
Set the "keep car awake" mode to Pulse Charging (...previously charging at minimum level didn't work properly)
Plugged the car in at 20:00, all good
20:30, full charging kicked in at 7kwh
Car suspended charging around 02:00 when it reached 80%


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