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Post by tkid » Tue Apr 26, 2022 6:22 pm

For anyone thinking of storing their ID.4 over a period of time, my experience in storing the car for 3 weeks was trouble free.

After reading a few articles and other forums where the recommendation was to leave the car between 50-80% SOC, I charged the car to 70% (but ended up having to drive a little before leaving the car alone at 66%).

I periodically checked the We Connect ID app to see if there was any loss in charge over the 3 weeks but there was none, and on return the car was happy to start up (so didn't appear to have any 12v battery discharge issues).

For anyone who ends up having to leave your ID.4 for an extended period of time, I hope your experience is also positive.

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Post by Andy_8 » Sat Apr 30, 2022 4:04 pm

Due to a spell of Covid and last minute work commitments I ended up leaving mine in the garage @ 90% charge for 6 weeks. (2500Miles on the clock) it was showing 76250 Maximum Energy Content of the Traction battery before I left

I ended up coming back late (hence the 6 weeks it was stored in the garage) and after putting another 2500 miles on it, it is now showing 76150 Maximum Energy Content of the Traction battery. So seems absolutely fine and within tolerance to me.

The car does get regular L1 (Home up to 100%) , L2 (Work up to 100%) and L3 (Motorway up to 80%) charges ranging between 10% and 100%
I try to keep within 20 - 80 % Charge as much as possible unless I need the 100% at the start of a long trip and have to go down to 10% (or less)
At the moment every 2 weeks I do a 600 mile round trip weekend. (One of the reasons why I wanted an EV in the first place)
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Post by Bedford EV » Sun May 01, 2022 8:27 am

We’ve just been away for a week and left our ID4 in the garage, not hooked up, whilst we were away. We left with 46% charge and came back to exact same %. No other ID4 issues either. Appreciate not long term, but urban myth territory.
Plus our trip to Devon was good. 👍
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