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We've owned our ID.4 since March 22. We started with an EO 7kw charger (EO Mini Pro 2) at home. This would not work about 30 percent of the time with scheduled charging, either on the car or charger. So our installers then changed it for an Ohme ePod. Originally we set this up with API and the app but it would only charge via the Ohme app scheduling about 20 percent of the time, and often would not charge even with no schedule - ie straight away. The issue was it would simply not recognise being connected to the car. Since then our local VW dealer updated the car to the latest software and tested it extensively with their own 7kW charger and found it worked fine, and demonstrated this, with car schedules set and without. They recommended deleting the Ohme app as it could be confusing the car scheduling and causing the problem. Having done this and brought the car home again, the Ohme charger worked every time for about 2 weeks, but it has now reverted to not recognising the connection to the car again. When plugging in, it takes about 10 attempts and a couple of reboots of the charger and then sometimes recognises the connection. The car charges fine on public chargers with and without using our cable, at all powers. Has anyone else had this connection issue, with an Ohme charger? Ohme are now replacing it but its a long wait as the installer are very busy, and Im just not convinced that it is a one off... Are Ohme chargers any good??

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Yep, same thing. Working perfectly fine for two years, switched to charging after midnight around 6 months ago and after some initial teething problems - all good . . . .until two weeks ago. Now it’s very much in the lap of the gods as to whether I get it charged overnight, can get it charged during the day if I try maybe ten times. Both Ohme and VW denying there is a problem - angry / frustrated doesn’t cut it. Does anyone know how to use the home charger as a ´dumb’ charger ie it charges when plugged in without needing or using any additional info?
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