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Post by Vinnieblue »

Hi . Recently got 2022 ID4 serviced with software update . Since the service the following happens when I scheduled my Zappi charger to charger at low cost hours in the early morning.
The following sequence occurs on the zappi app:
Waiting for Ev
Charged delayed error.
Reset zappi nothing happens
Unlocked car and the charger started straight away on fast mode
I have never used the VW schedule do have nothing set.
I have reset Zappi and deleted app from my phone but problem still persist.

This has only happened since service

Can anyone help ?

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Post by Deltadave »

Mine very rarely fails a scheduled charge. But when it does it’s usually because I have failed to plug it in properly, or messed around with the settings and failed to put them back.
Check your car, unit, and if you have an app set up for your energy provi- check them all!
Hopefully it is just a one off for you.
Pro 77kwh 3.2 software
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