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Post by Andy_8 » Sun Jan 02, 2022 12:41 pm

So I guess enough people have had their ID4's for long enough to get to know them so how about a list of Likes and Dislikes. *Who knows maybe someone might be listening

I'm coming into my ID4 GTX Max from a 2018 VW Tiguan Carat Exclusive 4motion so have a comparable price and spec vehicle to make comparison with.
* Some of the dislikes might be considered niggles but other are most definitely not.

So lets get into it :


GOM (Guess O Meter)
A fluctuating range indicator in my main eye line (On the steering wheel binnacle) whilst driving. I'd much prefer to see % battery remaining and be warned about range only when I should be (Say 30 miles/48km similar to a conventional dinosaur juice car). Having recently completed some long motorway trips and now I'm back home and driving around town the GOM range actually goes up after each short trip so I fail to see the benifit over battery %

Speed Preview in the Assistance Plus package. It's scary/dangerous when it miss reads HGV / Caravan / 3.5t Signs on the Motorway and brakes quite hard. (especially when one is at 80mph/130kmh in the fast lane with someone following.

In built We-Charge App It only works when it wants to and not when I want it to

Sound System speakers in the Infotainment Plus package I expected a lot better in a vehicle of this price (My Tiguan Carat Exclusive had the Dynaudio pack and it was so much better quality sound)

Black plastic interior trim Who ever thought of those in a Family orientated car clearly doesn't have children.

360 degree camera quality The rear view camera is akin to looking through a goldfish bowl. (How could they make it worse than a 2018 Tiguan which was quite fine)

Rear Floor mats not connecting across the middle seat floor. (When one has regular 3 in the back it's a pain to clean that middle section of carpet)


Driving it :
The Sports Seats are super comfortable and even after several hours of almost none stop driving I got out feeling quite fresh.
The Headlights on full beam in an unlit area are akin to switching on a "DayStar"
Having had a couple of 300bhp+ cars in the past the GTX has enough to give me a little giggle *Up to national speed limits* on those few occasions when conditions permit.

Cleaning it *Apart from the wheels that have a groove on the inside that traps water so that when you pull away it runs out past the air valve and dirties the wheels again straight away.

It's cool.... super cool and when using Android auto (Can't speak for Apple Airplay) the directions and distance are also indicated in the HUD.

DCC Sport Plus package
Sport setting is not over the top but does give a very nice sense of involvement.
Set on the softest in the individual mode it handles crappy potholed and uneven roads surprisingly well for a 2.2ton car (Better than my old Non-DCC Tiguan)

It took me just 10 or 15 minutes flicking around through the menus to understand what was where and arrange it to my own taste.
I'd never used a Fast charger before until I was 200 miles from home in another country and the experience was so easy I was left wondering why I'd stressed about it.

It swallows my Family of 5 with baby seat and booster seat much better than my old Tiguan and eats up the Pushchair, Scooters, Bags, shopping e.t.c with out making it feel like a 3D game of Tetris
At 4.58m long it fits in the Garage without me having to relocate the washing machine (Made the Mrs happy as I'd said we are getting an ID4 either way)
I like that I don't have to take out the parcel shelf and leave it behind if carrying some bulkier items or a children's bicycle. Just need to un-clip it flip it over and lay it down between the rear wheel arches.

Build Quality
Only after having the car a couple of months and cleaning all those nooks and crannies can I say it's one of the best built cars I've ever owned.
I would really have to nit-pick and pretty much all I could say is the boot hinge welds capture road/rain grime or the Rear light bar seems a little flimsy.
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Post by brucew » Wed Jan 05, 2022 12:52 pm

Having had my 1st Edition for a few months and nearly 6K miles my one real gripe is the screen washer power or rather lack of it. Both front and back deliver fluid in such a pathetic stream I really do wonder if they are faulty!
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Post by Richpa » Sun Jan 09, 2022 12:47 pm

My main irritation is the "Unable to load connection status" issue - my car manages to connect about 10% of the time. This probably explains why so many people have issues with We Connect - if your car is not accessible via the internet then We Connect on your phone will not work. The official response from my dealer is that these cars have beta software because they are so new (I thought that the iD3 had been around for a while now). My response is that beta software is usually free - not £48K. The car is booked in at the dealers again for this to be looked at. VW customer services completely disinterested in doing anything useful other than saying Oh Dear. The VW software is terrible compared to any other I have used.
I agree that the screen wash is so pathetic that you would be thinking that it is faulty.
Road noise is very intrusive, I get a continuous whine that sounds like a worn out wheel bearing - but I don't think that it is.
Otherwise, the car drives nicely, is comfortable and feels very well screwed together. The IMPORTANT things are all there. I have not had any issues charging and my range varies from 2.6 to 3.6 m/kwhr depending on temperature, weather and driving style. I think that 260 - 300 mile range is reasonably possible.

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Post by Helisupp » Fri Jan 14, 2022 7:28 pm

Andy 8, that is a very good post and confidence inspiring.

I have only had my ID4 Max for 4 days, yes 4 days, but the Touareg that was traded in had a similar digital system so am OK with the technology but it is so different. I bought the car as it was only a 3 week delivery slot. Would have liked the GTX but am too impatient to wait months and the car was available as it had just been built and a cancelled order, in the colour I wanted (white). Plus the fact my trade in price for Touareg was incredible and it had to go.

On the 1st day I noticed slight rust streaking from behind all 4 wheels, so removed the wheels and found the centre hubs rusting as they are not painted or plated just like the rest of the VW range, quick rotary wire brush, some ACF50 applied to bare areas and all is well now, my Touareg wheels were a bugger to get off after 18 months because of the corrosion in this area.

Those wheels are heavy, very heavy and you need the correct rated jack to lift the car, making sure that nobody just uses a standard trolley jack which will damage the sill where you have to jack it. (I use rubber pads on my trolley jacks). For use when out and about I have purchased a jack off of ebay which is perfect to carry in the car, and also carry a full tyre puncture repair kit to plug any small holes and inflate tyre, this is the perfect german made scissor jack: ... 675.l48352

My car was software updated on delivery, but had an over the air update yesterday, this resulted in the car saying electric motor drive problem......visit garage, plus ACC not working, lane deviation not working. So I went for a drive and within 10 miles all warnings had gone, good job I never called the VW dealer first.

I have had many cars but this one has made me a bit nervous as its my first EV.


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Post by Warrior » Sat Jan 15, 2022 9:00 am

Those error messages seem to be common when an update occurs. I think it's something we all have to get used to. After they clear, it's just as if we had rebooted/restarted our computer.
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Post by Helisupp » Wed Jan 19, 2022 5:12 pm

Bruce, my screenwash power is excellent, as good as my Touareg was........

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Post by brucew » Sat Jan 29, 2022 6:54 pm

Helisupp wrote:
Wed Jan 19, 2022 5:12 pm
Bruce, my screenwash power is excellent, as good as my Touareg was........
Interesting, if I still had my ID.4 I would have taken it to the dealers!

(See other post)
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Post by Bedford EV » Fri Feb 04, 2022 5:55 pm

Hi everyone, has anyone selected the VW dealer spare wheel kit option? If so, apart from stowing on the boot floor, is there any other space under the floor?

Also, found a specialist supplier who have id4 kit at less than £200 delivered. Anybody tried them?

Our ID4 due early March.

Update: having checked weight limits of third party jacks we’ve decided not to buy third party spare and kit. Having checked VW roadside covers punctures if needed, we are going to assess based on first three months mileage use.
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