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Post by VWPilot » Sun Sep 26, 2021 3:03 pm

I have had my ID4 Max Pro for just over 2 weeks now, so thought it was time for my initial thoughts.

It is a beautiful car to drive, once you have sussed out the best setting. I've tried 'Eco', 'Comfort', and 'Sport'. I have found that I much prefer the 'Comfort' setting as it allows the car to coast very well, so much so that going downhill on a Dual Carriageway it will exceed the speed limit comfortably if you started at 70, so a light touch on the brake pedal is required to stay at 70 and do some regeneration. If you have front assist on it will slow down automatically if you get close to a vehicle. In the 'Eco' setting it slows done as soon as you lift off, similar to a car with engine braking, and in 'Sport' mode it does similar but a bit more aggressively. So for me it's 'Comfort' mode, I haven't fiddled yet with the 'Individual' mode.

I have done over 400 miles of varied driving and so far have averaged 3.5 miles/kwh. On a journey with a high proportion of 70mph driving it drops to 3.2 miles/kwh and around town it rises to 3.8 miles/kwh. On a very short journey first thing in the morning it is noticeable that the range drops while the car is being warmed up or, not so much now, cooled down. My car has a heat pump but I don't know how much an advantage that is over the standard electrical heating. I've read elsewhere that it can add about 20 miles range on a long journey in the cold weather.

Software wise it has Ver 2.3 and apart from an early problem with the SatNav losing it's position, sorted with an Infotainment reset, it has been trouble free. A recent update was for the WeCharge connection points. My phone charges most of the time on the charging mat but occasionally stops if a fast corner causes it to slide over to one side. A couple of small pieces of foam should cure that by keeping it central. Android Auto connects flawlessly and when using TomTom Go the driver and head-up displays show the next direction in the same way that the car's own SatNav does.

Overall I am extremely happy with the looks, build quality and driving experience. I'll write some more in the future.

PS Only one downside so far and it has nothing to do with the car. My Pod-Point charger gets confused during days when my Solar Panels are supplying more than the house is using overall and it cuts the charge rate down to less than I can get from a 13amp socket! Reported to Pod-Point whose first question when I mentioned the slow charge rate was 'Do you have Solar Panels?'. They are on the case. Of course I get the full 7kw when the Solar Panels aren't generating!

All the best BD
Glacier White ID4 Max Pro with 20" Drammen Alloys. B.D.

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